Glorious Mysteries

Plenary Indulgence for the Holy Rosary

A plenary indulgences is granted, if the Rosary is recited in a church or public oratory or in a family group, a religious Community or pious Association: a partial indulgence is granted in other circumstances.
A plenary indulgence can be gained, once a day, by praying the Rosary, privately or in common, before the Blessed Sacrament, exposed or in the tabernacle. (This is true owing to the plenary indulgence attached to a practice of Eucharistic adoration that is at least one half hour in length, according to the Enchiridion).

The gaining of the plenary indulgence is regulated by the following norms:

1) The recitation of a third part only of the Rosary suffices; but the five decades must be recited continuously.
2) The vocal recitation must be accompanied by pious meditation on the mysteries.
3) In public recitation the mysteries must be announced in the manner customary in the place; for private recitation, however, it suffices if the recitation is accompanied by meditation on the mysteries.